Darren Yearsley

Darren Yearsley

Age: 43

Years riding: 6

Disciplines: Road, TT, Mountain

First getting on a bike at 37 years young, Ralph is a latecomer to the sport of cycling. Spending a majority of his early life involved in rugby union, touch rugby, wakeboarding and gym, he is however, no new comer to sport in general.

“Loves of my life: Wife, son, dog, bikes.  Not necessarily in that order”

Over the last 3 years Ralph has been consistently riding 20k a year with the goal of competing well in the Dynamo Team Series and World Masters Games this year. Currently racing for Black Spoke Racing Team he hopes to continue to progress and develop as a rider while prioritizing his Wife, Son, dog and bike.

“Always looking for a bike adventure, ridden all over the world and all over NZ”

Ralph is an adventure keen athlete who has followed his bike all around the world searching for the next experience.

“Most of all I just really love riding my bike”

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