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At TOOT HQ we've been busy refining our Mens bibs, these will be love from first wear guaranteed. These are Eddie Dawkins fav bibs ( he was first to test them out for us ) style, comfort, performance and durability all wrapped in one.

This classy piece of Toot magic matches any jersey in our line, and doubles as undercover bib shorts for club events where only a regional jersey is mandatory.

The only branding on these is a subtle TOOT repeated on one cuff and a sweet wee tag on the rear.



  • Italian Made Nuda Chamois keeps your bum comfy.
  • Our fabrics provide both UVA and UVB protection and also reduce the absorption of sunlight keeping you cool.
  • Our bib short fabric is so super supportive, soft and comfy and gives you the ability to wear these bibs your way - whether it be long or mid length - the choice is yours - they are really quite clever wee bibs!!
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