SAM DAKIN - Sand Jersey

By TootKit

$NZD 150.00
Or 6 payments from $NZD 25.00 Laybuy What's this?

This limited edition geometric sand camo cycling jersey was designed for NZ Track athlete Sam Dakin.

This jersey is so quick it basically means you will go fast if you wear it.

NOTE: this is a lie.


  • Rear waterproof pocket for your smartphone and Lamborghini keys.
  • Reflective strips to keep you seen.
  • Ex-Cool fabric (front and back panel) includes wicking, quick-drying and protection.
  • Distinctive Bi-Component Knitting method allows sweat and moisture to be rapidly absorbed from the skins surface and transported through the fabric to the surface, where it is evaporated. Keeping you cool in warm conditions.
  • Ex-Cool fabric allows for moisture to escape with limited water returning through the fabric from external sources.
  • Fluorite fabric is used around the shoulder region to increase your movement in the areas most needed.
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