Will Ride for Donuts - PROX2 Limited Edition Womens Jersey

By TootKit

$NZD 215.00
Or 6 payments from $NZD 35.83 Laybuy What's this?

Just had to do this sweet wee limited edition jersey with a racing donut ( Pac-man style ) on the back to go with our new matchymatchy Donut Bibs!  - And there you have the complete Donut Kit!...

We are rereleasing these in our ProX2 jerseys with even more advanced fabrics and a slightly roomier cut!

New PRO X Jersey Features:

- Longer in the front body
- Very cool new flattering neck
- 4-way stretch quick-dry and amazingly breathable fabric
- 3 back pockets
- One waterproof pocket that fits your keys & money 
- New really flattering cut with very cool underarm mesh

These jerseys are soooooo lovely!!

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