The story so far...

TOOT KIT is here to disrupt the premium multi-sport apparel niche.

We believe our products are so exceptional that a cult-like following will quickly form in an industry driven by performance and trends.

Mission: To design uniquely individual premium multi-sport wear.

Vision: To give every athlete & weekend warrior the opportunity to express their inner creativity through individualistic multi-sport attire.

 Back story:

TOOT was formed by founder Belinda Duffy to satisfy her urge to look good and feel confident in cycling clothing. Fusing her love for designing patterns and riding bikes - a pretty exciting combination – TOOT was born creating cycling kits that she was excited to wear, something that she hadn’t felt before!

The name TOOT was a play on standing out and making some visual noise when you are out there sweating it or cruising on foot or wheel!; this fitted our company perfectly and quickly caught on throughout the hardcore fan base we were already starting to develop.

As a graphic designer and owner of her own design agency Duffy Design - Belinda was used to working with clients to make their ideas come to life. At TOOT we focus on designing for our ambassadors, a unique concept that allows us to sell a product that was built around real life feedback. The end result of this collaboration between brand and user is a ‘dream kit’ for every rider.

All of the team and our ambassadors at TOOT wear TOOT and are fully immersed in their 'sport'. This immersion helps us continue to consistently develop and understand every aspect of our clothing giving us an edge over competitors who hire based on job-specific skillsets.

It's no easy road working with a perfectionist like Belinda! Her passion and drive to not only deliver the very best graphic design on each and every TOOT Kit combined with every TOOT garment being custom-developed and refined to the best cut for style and performance. 

Belinda's partner in crime to make this all possible is NZ-based in-house pattern-maker and addicted cyclist and ex multi-sporter Robyn Marchant with well over two decades of experience in the 'rag-trade'!!

Follow on 6 years and the Evans family (Mark, Philippa, Lucy & Millie) grabbed the baton from Belinda and forged ahead! We plan to offer the same best quality gear, outstanding service and designs to follow on that legacy created by Belinda!

So here's to:

Having fun!!

Creating the best design, the best quality, the best service, always seeking feedback (don't ever feel shy to talk to us) and refining our pieces to your perfection.


Emma Poole - Our Role Model

Emma Poole - Our Role Model

Just like we’re keen on helping NZ’s junior female riders stay engaged in sport, we’re also keen on providing them with positive role models which is where Emma fits in...

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