12 Top tips for laundering your TOOT KIT

A little attention will protect your investment!

  1. Your cycling kit is best washed alone, or along with other cycling apparel on a delicate cycle. Its precious kit and should be treated this way.

  2. If you have a top loader we highly suggest putting your bibs in a garment bag to stop the straps from getting caught around the agitator, this will stretch them and damage the seams.

  3. Ideally washing your kit in a garment bag is just the best idea!

  4. Zip up zippers all the way; exposed zipper teeth are nasty!

  5. Turn your clothes inside-out!

  6. Don't forget to check your pockets!

  7. Never, ever, under any circumstances use a fabric softener or chlorine bleach in performance fabrics. Ever! You just don't want to go damaging the technical synthetic fabrics. Just use a mild detergent.

  8. Consider using a specialty cleaning product made for technical fabrics as these tend to rinse away leaving no detergent residue.

  9. While we are saying never ever..... don't wash anything with Velcro with your fabulous kit as it destroys delicate fabric in your jersey, bibs or shorts. If you have to include those gloves in your wash, at least fasten up any Velcro tags and pop them in a separate garment bag - but we warned you!

  10. Machine wash on a delicate cycle in lukewarm water (max. 35°)

  11. Once you're done you should always hang your kit to air dry. Please don't use a dryer, it just breaks down the fabric and its technical components over time.

  12. Finally don't dry clean or even think about ironing your kit!!!

Enjoy your Kit!