ARMY BAY -- Navy/Teal/Watermelon Bibs

By TootKit

$NZD 240.00
Or 6 payments from $NZD 40.00 Laybuy What's this?

Patterned by nature, an original TOOT rock camo constructed from the stunning rock formations at Army Bay on the East Coast of Auckland, New Zealand.

Pair these awesome bibs with our Navy/Watermelon Jerseys or Teal Jerseys :))

Bib Short Features:

  • Italian Made Nuda Chamois keeps your bum comfy.
  • Our fabrics provide both UVA and UVB protection and also reduce the absorption of sunlight keeping you cool.
  • The printed area of the bib uses Shield Endurance fabric, designed specifically for full print bottoms.
  • Our bib short fabric is one of the strongest on the market utilizing a proprietary warp knitting process, helping to extend the life of your bibs, as well as being super comfy.
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